Download Multiple Movies & TV Series in One Go (using Python)

Often while searching for movies or tv series to download, we end up on a site with irritating popup ads and multiple redirects before we finally get our download link. But now, using the following method, downloading movies and series in bulk.

Step 1 – Find an open server with movies and tv series 

Open servers serve files via a simple file-browser-like interface with one click download. They can be searched by prefixing “Index of ” to your search query.

e.g. If you want an open server with movies of 2017, search for this –

index of movies 2017

or, if you want all seasons of Game of Thrones, search for this –

index of game of thrones

Some of the famous open server sites are –,, etc.

Step 2 – Extracting links using Python Script 

Now we have the site from which we have to download the movie/series. If you want to download one or two files,  just proceed and download each file manually. But what if you have to download all the movies of 2017 or all the seasons of Game of Thrones? In that case, use the following python script to extract links of the files you want to download. In this example, I will extract links for all the seasons of GOT.

A few point to be noted first –

  • This script requires Python3 with BeautifulSoup installed.
  • This link will extract links up to 1 level depth. You can tweak it to go deeper.

Run this script as –

python <your_url>

After successfully running, you should see text files with all your links.

Step 3 – Importing links in a download manager 

Now we have the text files with the download links. Import this text file in any download manager e.g. Internet Download Manager and start downloading.


Screenshot (67)
Importing download links in IDM


Sit back and relax while all your movies/episodes are being downloaded.

Here is a video tutorial of the above steps –


More things you can do with Python – Read Here



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